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Free Agile Communities Won’t Speed Up Your Growth
Let me be honest here and tell you that traditional Agile communities have several problems. I’m quite familiar with all these problems since I’ve been part of free Agile communities for several years now. Heck, I even started my own virtual community on Facebook! 

Don’t get me wrong, I started learning in free Agile communities too but learning was at a slow pace. Premium Agile communities, on the other hand, helped me speed up my growth as a Scrum Master. 

I want you to experience the same as well. I realized that there are four major problems in free Agile communities that hinder the growth of Scrum Masters...
Typical Problems With Traditional Communities
Problem #1: Bashing 
Free communities would most likely have a lot of trolls. Without filtering members, you won’t be able to control people that attack other people’s posts just to prove them wrong. Bashing is unproductive and hinders a ScrumMaster’s growth.

Premium Agile communities, on the other hand, have more supportive and understanding members. People help each other grow and become great Scrum Masters by providing honest and helpful feedback. You won’t see that in any free community!

Problem #2: Lazy Members 
Another dominant problem in free Agile communities is the abundance of lazy members. I’m talking about people who would ask questions that can be answered by simply searching on Google. Questions like these can be answered in just a minute or two.

Premium Agile communities have members that ask productive and smart questions. No one would bother wasting their time posting or answering easy questions. This largely contributes to a fast-paced discussion as well! 

Problem #3: Self-Promotion
If you’ve been part of a free Agile community already, chances are that you’ve tried promoting your blog posts or website there. I mean, why not? It’s a free and open community where you can post anything. Believe it or not, self-promotion is also a problem.  

You’ll be glad to know that premium Agile communities have strict rules about self-promotion. Fewer self-promotion posts and more helpful posts—this is why premium Agile communities are growth-focused! 

Problem #4: Lack of Interaction
Free Agile communities lack deep and insightful discussions. Sure, members may post and exchange messages from time to time but that’s about it. Truth be told, interaction with fellow Scrum Masters can help you learn more about your profession. 

Premium Agile communities, on the other hand, are filled with real-time interactions. People open up helpful topics and other members reply with helpful and insightful comments that would benefit the whole community.
Tired of Slow-Paced Free Agile Communities?
It’s not your fault. Free Agile communities are really slow paced and there’s nothing you can do about it. But this doesn’t mean that your growth as a Scrum Master should be slow as well.

Yes, you can actually fast-track your learning and become a great Agile Coach in no time!
Introducing a no-BS way to boost your career growth as a Scrum Master...
ScrumMaster Growth MasterMind
Real-Time Virtual Sessions
Our community takes advantage of real-time virtual sessions. These sessions are optimized to be a learning experience for everyone. 
Huge ROI
Think of our community as a long-term investment. This is your key to earning more clients and charging higher rates as your skills continue to sharpen.
Two Events Every Month
We aim to have two virtual events every month. This is to answer all your questions, learn, and have fun interacting with other members
This isn’t a free community. This is better and more rewarding.
With years of experience, I realized that most companies don’t know how to train and develop a Scrum Master.

During the last years, I have been working in companies where I needed to define an Onboarding processes for ScrumMasters. This gave me a lot of great insights on how to help ScrumMasters to grow. 

In the community, there are few certificates that teach the basic to Scrum Masters. In this part we are covered, but what happens when a Scrum Master become Certified by Scrum Alliance or What are their next steps?

I want to provide a systematic way to help ScrumMasters become great Agile Coaches. I want to create a path that allows Scrum Masters to growth into great Agile Coaches. 
That’s why I created the ScrumMaster Growth MasterMind!

Luis Gonçalves - Agile/Scrum Coach                           

Dear fellow Scrum Master,

Hi! I’m Luis Gonçalves and I’d like to welcome you to the ScrumMaster Growth MasterMind. 

Before joining any Agile community, I found it hard to improve my skills as a Scrum Master due to limited resources and zero expert advice. Yes, I know how you feel. But once I discovered how helpful communities were, I became a great Agile Coach in no time! 

Honestly, I’ve been active on many Agile communities (both free and premium) and I can really tell the difference between the two. The most effective ones, however, were those where people met face to face. 

Unfortunately meeting face to face is not easier, maybe because most of us are busy or simply because it's not cheap. A normal conference with lean coffee sessions can easily cost over 300€. If you had hotel and plane ticket it’s very easy to get the total cost around 1000€. 

I decided to create a premium virtual community that’s cost-effective and where people discuss ideas in a very fast pace. I’d like to help you become a great Agile Coach too.

All you have to do is join our community. You’ll be surprised at how much you can learn in just a month… (what more in a year?) It’s that easy. 

 Looking forward to seeing you in our community! 

 Talk soon, 
 Luis Gonçalves Agile/Scrum Coach                           
About Luis Gonçalves
Luis Gonçalves has been in the software industry since 2003 and he has been an Agile practitioner since 2007.

Throughout his career, he has trained dozens of Agile retrospective facilitators with his effective Agile retrospective practices. 

He’s also the co-author of the book "Getting Value Out Of Agile Retrospectives" which has been one of the best sources of information about Agile retrospectives and which is still used by experts. 

Luis is not simply a consultant, he helps people and businesses grow. 

He expects to deliver 10 times more value than what you’d actually pay for. 

As an Agile retrospective expert, customer happiness and client success are his biggest drivers!
Why You Should Join Our Community ?
Get professional advice from Scrum Masters that have been there and done that
In our community, you’ll be sure that any advice given to you is golden since all members are Scrum Masters dedicated to improving their skills. 

Learn in a fast-paced environment, unlike free communities
Our community discusses ideas, problems, and solutions that won’t be found on Google Search.

Participate in growth-focused real-time virtual sessions
They’re like meeting people face-to-face for coffee to discuss ideas, but on video of course.

Generate a huge ROI and develop your career
Knowledge and self-improvement are the requirements to become a great Agile Coach. You can get both here.
Here are some of the problems this community can help you with:
● How to manage dependencies with other teams in the organisation
● How to organise a productive Release Planning 
● How to forecast our deliveries 
● Tips to improve Scrum meetings 
● Ideas on how to coach management to fully understand the potential of Agile
● How to remove organisational Impediments
● How to explain to management what a Scrum Master does all day long
● How to build a team out of individuals
● Finding ways and ideas to deal with management that did not understand Agile
● Help Product Owners to get more involved with Scrum Master daily job
● Finding ways to explain to the organisation what the Role of a Scrum Master is.
● How to design engaging Agile Retrospectives 
● Scrum Master as a teacher vs Scrum Master as a coach - how to deal with those roles taking into consideration self-organization in team
Invest in your career today. Say hello to a brighter future!
What You’ll Get When You Join ScrumMaster Growth MasterMind
● Access to the University Monthly Membership that will be release soon. (30€ VALUE)
● Access to recorded calls in the Membership Area to review topics and solutions discussed and Membership Area to review topics and solutions discussed. (€50 VALUE)
● Two calls a month (based in a Virtual Lean Coffee) where we discuss the most valuable ideas from the backlog (4 hours of my time = 500€ VALUE) 
TOTAL VALUE = €580 a month
You also get these bonuses:

Access to a Secret Community 
Lifetime discounts on future products
Access to my email list where I send regular half up content
2 months FREE (for yearly packages)
Expensive? Well, I’m offering a huge discount and you can save at least €530 a month!
Pick a package below:
Billed monthly
  • Private Virtual Community
  • 2 Virtual Lean Coffee Sessions Every Month
  • Recordings Of All Previous Sessions
  • Discount In Future Products
Take note that I plan to increase prices when I reach a certain number of members.
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Billed annually
  • Private Virtual Community
  • 2 Virtual Lean Coffee Sessions Every Month
  • Recordings Of All Previous Sessions
  • Discount In Future Products
Take note that I plan to increase prices when I reach a certain number of members.
Click on the button below to secure your spot today and take advantage of this HUGE discount!
Great Return Of Investiment
30 Days Money Back Policy
Protected Community
Get updates about our next enrollment period
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
As I’ve said before, I focus on client satisfaction. 

If you didn’t learn anything from my workshop or if you aren’t satisfied, let me know and I’ll give you a full refund. 

Join the ScrumMaster Growth MasterMind risk-free by reserving your spot today!

P.S. This is a great opportunity to fast-track your growth and eventually become an Agile Coach. Investing in a premium Agile community will keep you updated with the latest trends, solutions, and problems that Scrum Masters like you face each day. This is my way of giving back to the community but it starts with you deciding if you want to be helped or not.  
1. I love this idea but why is this different from Agile communities in Linkedin and Facebook?
As I’ve mentioned above, these free Agile communities come with several problems. This is because it attracts toxic people that hinder development instead of helping others out. Our premium community will be unique. We will come together in real time. We will have real Lean Coffee sessions where we will be able to tackle the most important topics voted by the community. No other typical community offers this (trust me, I know!).

2. Isn’t it a bit overpriced?
Not really, it’s actually way too low for what I usually charge in my sessions. I usually charge 250€ (2 hours) for 1:1 Coaching. In this case for 50€ you will have me for 2 sessions (4 hours) in a very cozy environment. 

Think about it. How much would you pay for a conference ticket? Or any simple workshop. Like I mentioned before you would pay easily 1000€ for one single conference. Here you get access to a premium group 24 times a year, half of the price. With people discussing the most important topics not just random stuff.

But if it came to you as a bit overpriced, that’s good. The idea is to create a community of people that are eager to learn. This community prefers quality over quantity. There will be a lot of people saying they have the same in their local community, they do not need to pay to have the same. 

Once again, being a premium community I truly believe the quality will be better than any local community.

3. Will the topics always be the same? 
Each session will have a unique topic, chosen by the community. In the beginning of the session, we will vote the ones that are the most important ones. These sessions will be recorded so that everyone has access to them. This will help the community to tackle always new topics. 

In case new people join and want to discuss again the same topics they will be forward to past sessions.

4. Is your community still small?
Yes. But as I said, we aim to attract quality over quantity. A smaller group is also a big advantage to you since you can have a closer connection with me—thus boosting your learning and development. 

5. Do you have another option for a more personal career growth?
I understand that there might be people that don’t do well in communities. If you’re looking for a more personal approach, you might want to take a look at The ScrumMaster Growth 1:1 Coaching which contains something more personal and premium. We’ll be having several 1:1 coaching sessions where I focus solely on your growth as a ScrumMaster.
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